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VOCABULARY (Unit 1-2-3)

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence or replace the underlined words or phrases.
My mother is a __________ woman. She does all the household chores to make us more comfortable
A. caring B. careless C. harmful D. boring
In my free-time, I often help mom with __________ the house.
A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D. cleans
I take responsibility to __________ my little brothers because they are sometimes very naughty.
A. look after B. get up C. sit down D. shut up
My responsibility is to wash dishes and __________ the garbage.
A. take off B. take out C. take care of D. take over
My brothers love joining my dad in __________ things around the house at weekends.
A. mend B. mended C. to mend D. mending
Whenever problems come up, we discuss frankly and find the __________ quickly.
A. solve B. solution C. solved D. to solve
Mai is my closest friend. We are always willing to __________ feelings to each other.
A. tear B. cut C. share D. shake
My family is the base from which we can go into the world with __________ .
A. confide B. confidence C. confident D. confiding
In my family, both my parents __________ to give us a nice house and a happy home.
A. join hands B. get out C. shake hands D. clutch hands
My brothers are often very __________ to what I say. They are really lovable.
A. obey B. obedience C. obedient D. obstacle
My responsibility is to __________ my little brothers.
A. take care of B. join hands C. take over D. work together
The interviews with parents showed that the vast majority were __________ of teachers.
A. support B. supportive C. supporter D. supporting
She got up late and rushed to the bus stop.
A. came into B. went leisurely C. went quickly D. dropped by
Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.
A. help B. prepared C. be busy D. attempt
Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.
A. happen B. encounter C. arrive D. clean
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence or replace the underlined words or phrases.
Thanks to his parents’ __________ , he tried his best to win a place at a university.
A. approve B. approval C. disagreement D. rejection
People from different cultures have __________ ideas about love and marriage.
A. different B. the same C. unique D. solid
By nature, boys and girls __________ to each other.
A. have attracted B. attracted C. attract D. are attracted
People from different cultures have different __________ of love and __________ .
A. ideas / marry B. thoughts / marriage C. speech / divorce D. story / wedding
A survey was conducted to determine students’ __________ toward their purposes of studying.
A. counterparts B. appearances C. marriages D. attitudes
A large amount of Indian men agree that it’s unwise __________ in their wives.
A. to confide B. to interest C. confiding D. interesting
Many Indian students agree that a woman has to __________ more in a marriage than a man.
A. suicide B. sacrifice C. die D. be dead
Romeo and Juliet decided to __________ although their parents had hated each other.
A. fall into the river B. fall in love C. climbed up the tree D. take a bath
__________ , a husband should share certain thoughts to his wife only.
A. In my opinion B. To all people C. My hobbies D. Agreement
In America, it is __________ to ask questions about age, marriage and income.
A. polite B. impolite C. enthusiastic D. excited
In Vietnam, two or more __________ may live in a home.
A. generations B. generous C. generation D. generators
That couple decided __________ after their three-year living in a happy marriage. Everything ended.
A. to get married B. going out together C. to divorce D. having a child
Mr. Pike held his wife’s hands and talked urgently to her in a low voice,

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