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I. Use the correct form of the words in brackets
“The Spy Returns” is a very __________ film about a wealthy man who visits Italy. (excite)
They were __________ when they read the result. (disappoint)
Do you feel __________ to this kind of job? (attract)
The __________ horse was drinking water. (tire)
The main problem is __________ prices. Things are getting much too expensive. (rise)
Our father’s company sells only __________ goods. (import)
“You look __________ when you see me.” – “Yes, I think you are in China”. (surprise)
He finds housekeeping a __________ task. (bore)
Mary appeared with a __________ smile. (please)
Mr. Smith seems quite __________ with his new job. (satisfy)
I like eating __________ eggs. (boil)
The movie on TV last night made me __________. (bore)
It was __________ to see my old friends again after a long time. (surprise)
The weather this summer has been __________. (disappoint)
He’s one of the most __________ people I’ve ever met. (bore)
Your trip to Alaska sounds absolutely __________. I’d love to go there. (fascinate)
I enjoyed the film. The monster was very __________.(terrify)
Nam looks terribly __________ when he came to my room. (frighten)
His __________ story made the children laughed a lot. (amuse)
Lan’s father promises that he’ll take her to England so she is __________ about it. (excite)
I’m __________ in that film because it was based on the story I like. (interest)
The reason why she’s sad is that her exam result was rather __________. (disappoint)
It is very __________ to work more than 8 hours a day. (tire)
Jack looked even more __________ than he felt. (amaze)
I found these people __________ (interest)
The __________ shoes were placed in the sun to dry. (clean)
This structure is usually used in __________ language. (write)
When I read it, I felt __________ (excite)
Daisy always feels __________ when going out with her boyfriend. (embarrass)
My advice was really __________ to the __________ boy. (encourage / disappoint)
It was a terrible play and I was __________ from start to finish. (bore)
I’m very __________ because I’m going to New York tomorrow. (excite)
Are you __________ to hear this news? (surprise)
I’m reading a very __________ book at the moment. (interest)
I’ve had a very __________ day at work today I want to go to bed. (tire)
Most people were __________ that he won the championship. (surprise)
Visit our __________ new shop! (excite)
It is __________ that she failed the exam, because she’s a good student. (surprise)
The map was __________ and I got lost. (confuse)
Could you repeat that, please? I’m a bit __________ because it was very complicated.(confuse)
Everyone thought it was funny, but she wasn’t __________. (amuse)
His speech was very long and __________ (bore)
Do you easily get __________? (embarrass)
It was a really ________ experience. Afterwards, everyone was very ________ (terrify/ shock)
She has really learned very fast. She has made __________ progress. (astonish)
The teacher’s explanation was __________ Most of the students didn’t understand it. (confuse)
There’s no need to get __________ just because I’m a few minutes late. (annoy)
I’m starting a new job next week. I’m quite __________ about it. (excite)
It’s sometimes __________ when you have to ask people for money. (embarrass)
I had never expected to get the job. I was really __________ when I was offered it. (amaze)
The book I’m reading is really __________ (Interest)
I’m really __________ in reading this book. (Interest)
The girl was __________ about her coming birthday party. (Excite)
The match we saw on TV last night was very __________ (Excite)
The story I just finished had a very __________ ending. (Surprise)
I was really __________ by the ending of the story. (Surprise)
The characters in the story are __________ (Fascinate)
The child is really __________ by the characters in the story. (Fascinate)
I’m __________ I can’t understand the instructions on this box. (Confuse)
The instructions on the box are __________ (Confuse)
II. Find out ONE mistake in each sentence below:
I was disappointing in the movie. I had expected it to be better.
Are you interesting in soccer?
The soccer game was quite excited. I had a great time.
It’s sometimes embarrassed when you have to ask people for money.
It was really terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocked.
I had never expected to get the job
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